So “bowing down to sexism is a good thing”?
I seriously am getting used to the fact that women seem to be determined to allow self loathing to dictate how they spend their $$..but I can’t with a clear conscience comprehend how anyone thinks that bikini models are the only “acceptable female role models” and I refuse to be one of the women who allows my size to determine my self worth .whether that message is being reinforced by Dr oz or (gasp) my own father.Am I supposed to feel guilty because my body has stretch marks?I have given birth to three beautiful children ; I earned every one of those stripes.Am I supposed to think of myself as”less than” because I don’t look like a Victoria secret model when I wear lingerie? Because coincidentally I understand one thing: I am an ordinary woman I have wrinkles, smile lines and even suffer from moderate to severe psoriasis. Yes I am a girl , yes I care (to an extent) about looking “pretty” but I am not one of those women that is so vain that I will cringe at being called “grandma” when that da y finally comes I will relish the birth of my first grandchild as much as I did any of my own children because grandma to me does not mean”old ” it means “wisdom” “beauty” and grace” because that is who my grandma was to me.( I dedicate the preceding post to the memory of my beloved grandmother Mary A Davidson, grandparent, guardian, confidant, friend”)


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