False advertising


So let me get this straight: This insipid story of a woman being labeled a “wrinkled old prune” by the man who promised to love her “in sickness and health until death do us part” and then cheats on her for being too old is your pitch? Guess what Dr oz not every female on the planet is so desperate to look “younger” that we would be motivated by something as ridiculous and outdated as this “cautionary tale”. A woman’s face is a road map smile lines wrinkles etc tell a story of where a woman has been how many roads she has travelled and how much she has laughed along the way.How fortunate I feel to have grown up under the wisdom and determination of women who paved a remarkable and extraordinary example for their children and grandchildren , nieces and nephews. My grandmother was as intelligent and insightful as she was beautiful and even though she did not live a ” perfect life” she taught me by example that being beautiful was far more than just using creams, moisturizers and lipsticks. I am deeply saddened that any woman over 30 would fall for this pathetic play on their insecurities as a “marketing gimmick”. The secret to youthful skin is this in our family1.Stay hydrated 2. Take life and yourself less seriously ; nothing is as beautiful as a woman with a hearty laugh3 avoid cigarettes and alcohol 4 moisturizers the rest is unfortunately up to genetics fortunately our gene pool is fairly youthful looking people mistake me for someone in her twenties (I will be 35 at the end of December) my aunt who is over fifty still gets ” carded” and my grandma was thought to be younger than her husband (almost a decade her “junior”) other than that the key to happiness: don’t be shallow enough to assume that anyone  stays” young and beautiful ” forever and place less emphasis on your appearance the subtle irony of this is that the less you worry about what you look like the easier it is to “hold on to what you might not think you have” read,sew, hike, paint, take pictures enjoy life and for Gods sake love only men who can also see when they have become “wrinkled old prunes” and are grateful that they have someone to “grow old” with.Anything less is “false advertising.


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