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Wow ! I stumbled upon this charity just by reading about it on the #Influenster app because I did not recognize it I researched it and am blown away by the Origin story.It all started with a girl named Renee struggling with addiction, depression , suicidal ideation and self harm.It started because her friends wanted her to find hope and healing so they sold t shirts to help send her to rehab so that she could get the help that she needed.The words to “write love on her arms” were symbolic of replacing the negative things that she said about herself such as writing the word “Fuck up” across her arms were or would be replaced with new truths that she was “important, that she was beautiful and that she mattered” This is a charitable organization that I would proudly donate to and volunteer at.I was once a “self mutilator” and I remember the pain and the turmoil that led me to do things that I now see as being a form of “self punishment” consistently bullied for almost a decade I chose to internalize the negative messages that I heard every day.It took years of intense therapy prayer and learning to forgive for me to overcome these hurdles in my own life.
Although I never struggled with addiction myself it has touched my life in so many ways.Both of my parents were recovered addicts, my husband has had his own struggles with alcohol and “substance abuse” and I lost my eldest Uncle to a heroin overdose.So I am very much concerned with the plight of addicts because I believe that many times an addict is a person suffering from deep and intense “self loathing” and that finding hope and dignity are vital in the quest for recovery. Even cooler than that this organization was founded the same year that I met the “love of my life” my husband Jonathan Casey, so I think that is pretty cool.


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