What is so Amazing about Grace?

1.Introduction: A. Attention getting segment.What I need one dry erase board an Expo marker and an eraser.2Write out the following G.R.A.CE equals God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.2 Textual Segment: I am certain that most modern believers have seen grace described using this acronym before. Most of us have perhaps seen it as a post somewhere on Social media as a way of describing the fact that Grace was personified for us by Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. Exactly how as believers do we define the concept of Grace? The bible says that the law came by Moses but Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ. John1:17 .I also have taken the liberty of consulting dictionary reference.com to help us figure out this thing called Grace.The word grace is classified as a noun a noun is a word other than a pronoun used to describe a class of people places or things.God himself is personified through the concept of Grace”In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his Grace.” Ephesians 1:7 So we see here that Grace describes the riches and goodness of God.( Ephesians 2:7 .)Grace can also be defined in the following terms: 1A manifestation of favor especially as given by a superior we of course all recognize the fact that God qualifies as our “Superior” (Isaiah 55:9)2 Grace can also be a mercy or a clemency or a temporary relief or pardon .We as Christians recognize the fact that the Grace we experienced at the cross was anything but “temporary” (John 3:16) For God made him sin who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God in him.It also lists the exact “Theological definition of Grace” , which is the freely given unmerited favor and love of God.God’s love for us could not allow him to remain idly by while his children perished so he chose to step into time and history in the person of Jesus Christ so that he could redeem us with his own blood. The bible says that God demonstrated his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us,Romans 5:8 Relational: Most believers are familiar with the hymn Amazing Grace. The chorus can often be heard echoing from any church building. What may however be less familiar is the inspiration and the story behind the man who wrote the song.John Newton was the son of a rather harsh ship Captain and a Puritan mother he fancied himself an atheist during his youth and wrote the following in his Journal regarding his relationship with his father”I am convinced that he loved me though he preferred me not to know it”.How blessed we as believers are that our heavenly Father not only loves us but he desires the whole world to know it!There is a popular Christian song that phrases it this way : “The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair”; that is how we define mercy Jesus paid our debt in full.However grace is not to be used as a “license to sin” In fact quite the opposite; the riches of his Grace make it possible for us to live godly lives when we believe and are baptized and filled with his holy spirit his Grace is what breathes new life or what I call “resurrection power” into us.His Grace revives us.John Newton a former slave ship Captain experienced the Grace of God in a very unlikely and unexpected way.During a particularly violent storm he feared that he and his crew would not live to see land again, so in his desperation he cried out “God have mercy on us” and in that moment he realized that God was using the storm in order to get his attention. After arriving home Newton was a changed man , he became one of the leading voices in the British Abolitionist movement and composed several different hymnals during his lifetime. He referred to his experience on that boat as “his great deliverance.” 1Transitional sentence. pIt has often been in the deepest and most trying moments of my life that God’s grace is most apparent and real to me.Illustration: A few years ago I went through quite a trying time when my mom passed away. I was pregnant with my daughter and enduring a great deal of stress.My mother’s death came suddenly and unexpectedly for me. While I had comfort in the fact that she was a believer and in a better place my heart felt lost without her.When her belongings were returned to me Amongst them were her bible that I still carry to church with me every Sunday and a book on grief by a wonderful Christian author named Barbara Johnson. These things really helped me to regain my footing and inheriting my mothers art supplies I began using art as a form of therapy. This story may not seem “remarkable” but I had always wondered how I would cope with my mothers passing no one in my life this side of heaven was ever in my corner quite like my mom and I literally had to learn how to deal with things without picking up my phone and calling “mom” Journaling became indispensable to me during this time and my prayer life definitely grew by leaps and bounds. Grace to me is not just Gods unmerited favor but it is also the very real and tangible power of his love at work in us allowing us to persevere in almost impossible circumstances. So the next time you sing the lyrics to Amazing Grace I challenge you to think of the storms in your own life that God has carried you through and remember the cross because in my mind what happened on Calvary was God’s ultimate way of “getting our attention”. I would just like to say the following before I close, karma means getting what we deserved, Grace means Jesus got what we deserved.Let us continue in his Amazing Grace.


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