Green Beret Discharged for Body-Slamming Alleged Child Rapist Breaks Silence, Provides New — and Graphic — Details on Why He Felt Compelled to Act |

Imagine being an American soldier.Imagine enduring the horrors of boot camp.Imagine thinking it was all worth it because you are supposedly protecting fellow Americans from “dangerous bad guys”.Imagine being stationed overseas and seeing that a little boy is being held as a ” prisoner ” and not just any type of Prisoner but that he has been chained for one dark and dastardly purpose, so that an evil “man” can rape him repeatedly while he screams in agony.Imagine being ordered by a commanding officer not to “intervene” or as this soldiers brother was ordered to beat the mother every time she makes an attempt to intervene on her young child’s behalf. This green beret chose to follow his conscience rather than obey questionable orders that make excuses for the practice of beating women and raping their children. His commanding officers are calling what he did “Vigilante Justice” because the law was not on his side therefore he felt the need to take it into his own hands.I disagree with the notion that this soldiers actions were “unacceptable” I concur with Thoreau on this one Sometimes “When the law is Unjust, the only fitting place for a Just man is behind bars”. If this is an indication of the atrocities occurring overseas then it is no wonder that many of our soldiers are returning with Heightened Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We tell our young men and women that they are going to war to ” fight evil” then we are reprimanding and disciplining them even expelling them from the armed forces when that is exactly what they try to do.Surely I can not be the only one who sees the hypocrisy evident in this ethos.


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