Who can tame the tongue?

Sticks and Stones May break my bones but words will never hurt me”.                                     How many of us have heard or even repeated this phrase? Is there really any truth to it? The majority of us would probably agree that we have been either uplifted or deeply wounded by someone else’s words at least once in our lives. The psalmist wrote “let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable unto thee,  O lord my strength and my redeemer. For me this prayer serves as a perfect reminder to be mindful of the words that we speak. If we have any doubt in our minds that God will be displeased in the manner that we address our fellow man then perhaps it would be better to remain silent. I will be completely honest God has really been dealing with me in this particular area.A few weeks ago he told me this: Candace I will never be able to use your mouth to effectively communicate my word if you continue to use it as a trash receptacle. These words may have been harsh but God was reminding me of something that I had lost sight of: As Christians we must always be mindful of the fact that we may be the only Jesus that some people ever meet.We are his ambassadors let us represent him well. (For further study read James Chapter 3 verses 2-13.


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