One of my favorite past times turning atheist rants into my own bible studies part 1

Apparently whomever wrote this is unaware of quite a number of things1. Some of the men present that day did indeed see Jesus ascend into heaven and the apostle John in particular was led in the spirit into the island of Patmos where he was consumed with heavenly visions of the end times.2.The bible must be studied as a whole and within that context true believers understand that we are to pray according to the will of God , not from our own selfish desires.Just because we ask God for a swimming pool and we don’t get one doesn’t mean Gods word isn’t true the book of James makes it clear that sometimes when we ask God for things we are denied things because we ask for the wrong, reasons that we may satisfy our own appetites which are contrary to Gods laws.3.An estimation of a “stones throw” is not much of a standard of measurement, some people can chuck a stone at a decent length others cannot. In any instance some individuals (myself included) have incredible hearing especially if the petitioner is offering up loud prayers and tears exactly as Jesus was described as having done. 4 Jesus made it very clear that he would come as a thief in the night at an hour which no one (including himself) knew but only the father in heaven.He never said his disciples would abide until his return he said that they would see the kingdom and they did on the day of Pentecost Acts Chapter 2 After the initial outpouring of the holy spirit the first century church saw miracles upon a pretty daily basis, the demon possessed were delivered.People were risen from the dead (Dorcas) In fact the bible says that the annointing upon st Paul and St peter were so strong that people were healed by touching things Paul had touched or standing in Peters shadow.6 While it may be true that the men scattered like flies Mary Magdalene and the other women remained at the feet of Jesus so it stands to reason that this is where the story of the thief on the cross originated. Nice try dude but your doubt has been questioned and this woman’s faith has been reaffirmed. Have a wonderful time trying to explain things that you do not understand. I really enjoyed that epic bible study you gave by the way.


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