saggy pants and black culture?

Now banning “saggy pants” is “Unconstitutional” and racist ? I have wondered for years why dress codes on high school or college campuses always seemed to “target” female students for “short skirts” “plunging necklines” or “bra straps” when so many male students (who by the way aren’t always or even usually “black”) walk around with their butts hanging half way out of their pants.Surely seeing a bare male ass is just as ” distracting” to us as seeing parts of our boobs are to them.Perhaps part of me is jealous that I can’t just take off my shirt like they can if I get too hot playing basketball (at least not without getting arrested for “indecent exposure”.) I also want to know when did ” sagging” become part of “black culture?”. To me I always associated the practice with younger poor men who were not ” properly educated ” and no not everyone I know who wears “baggy or saggy” pants is even black or minority at that in fact it was the “style” during my teenage years in which most young guys dressed. I honestly was never a fan and if anything as far as the “racism” context goes it was something that I associated with negative stereotypes rather than a real representation of “black culture”.


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