Religious liberty or a free market place?: tough call

This issue to me is complicated. While I understand the desire to be able to practice one’s religion freely I also understand Advance America’s policy.My guess is this woman felt they had labeled her as a “terrorist” for donning the hijab.In all actuality many stores across the us have similar policies about any type of head covering including a hoodie. Due to the fact that weapons are often his within a persons head garment the cashier merely asked her to take out off and put it back on probably citing security concerns. I know that according to Muslim tradition many women do not believe in showing their “beauty” to complete strangers however I have to say I reluctantly side with the store on this one. Not because I am OK with religious discrimination but because it is a place of business and it is their right to refuse service to anyone they might perceive as a threat. While people are free to practice their beliefs they cannot expect to change company policy so that others act according to beliefs that they simply do not share.


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