Elder Care Worker Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Sexually Assaulting Three Of Her Patients


This is the kind of sexual assualt we often don’t hear much about.The perpetrator was female and the victims were elderly men and women entrusted to her care.I find this deeply troubling because we don’t know how often things like this occur without it being caught on tape.Not only that but one patient’s response “what are you doing to me?” Highlighted by the fact that this woman purposely preyed on the weak and vulnerable. This was one of the few posts regarding an actual female sex crime that I didn’t see flooded by a bunch of male “sympathizers” claiming that she somehow did her victims a “public service”.

I usually hate scrolling on the ” comments” section of any article where a woman is accused of a sex crime because it shows to me that we still live in a society largely permeated by double standards. As a woman I am appalled that female sex offenders are not treated as the Predators that they in fact are.I think its completely backwards that the punishment doled out to teachers who engage in “affairs” with their students is often little more than a slap on the wrist if the perpetrator happens to be female .I am a strong advocate for “equal punishment” for equal crimes.The individuals in this nursing home did not ask for their privacy to be violated nor did they ask for their bodies to be groped! What this womnn was sick and down right evil. To me there’s absolutely no excuse for what she did.
I won’t begin to launch into a tirade about the disparity between women accused of sex crimes and men accused of similar crimes.I do not agree with the general consensus that this is somehow “less threatening when the attacker is female. Rape is rape and dementia patients in the most legal sense do not have the ability to consent to sexual activity any more than a child does. Predators should not be divided by gender lines as far as punishment goes.I think personally that ten years was too light a sentence to this bottom feeder.


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