Now even good deeds have become “political cannon fodder?”


I was greatly disturbed while looking through the comments section about the fact that the majority of commentors were far more obsessed it appeared with the skin color and ethnicity of these two men than on the “content of their character”. These guys decide to devote their time efforts and energy to something they believe in and rather than ” celebrating or applauding their efforts ” they want to make this meme about something entirely different. I don’t deny the fact that there is still racial tension in the United States. Recent events have definitely shed enough light on that fact.However examine this photograph closely.Do we see two men who are in any way divided based on external factors?I see two men who are in fact united in one common purpose. Is it really wise to detract from this simplicity and the beauty of what they chose to do for their community by posting pictures about riots and police brutality? I agree those issues are a problem but they have an appropriate time and place. I am not saying don’t shed light on these subjects.It is just that posting them here seems to be almost like a slap in the face.I doubt these men were trying to make a “political statement” by merely showing that they cared and I am certain the last thing they wanted was to start a riot.Why can’t a good deed just be seen as a good deed and celebrated for what it is anymore?


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