Not sorry to be the “only one”

Why is it that its OK for a man to express his anger? Why is it that if a woman comes across as aggressive or assertive in any way she is someone that supposedly must be silenced or be treated or as if she were insane?Maybe the real reason my words piss you off so much is because you know there is some trut

h to them? Maybe the real problem you have with the concept of “courting” isn’t the fact that you think no woman is “worth it” as you say but the fact that you feel threatened by the concept of a woman who knows her worth.By the way my very real knowledge of my worth as a woman and a sexual partner is exactly what gave me the courage to say no to sex until I met the man I am now married to. Did it ever occur to you that I never wanted more than one sexual partner? How many people you have sex with is not an indication of your worth in fact having sex with everyone you meet cheapens the actual act.Sex isn’t just physical. Its about something much deeper than that.

I am not sorry by the way that I “waited” on the contrary.I am grateful that I never once engaged in unprotected sex with someone that I did not love. It was “knowing my own worth” that kept me from engaging in multiple one night stands.I never had to worry about teen pregnancy ,sexually transmitted disease or whether or not a “guy really liked me” or not.I saw my own mother and so many other women sell themselves short in this regard.Perhaps if you lack the ability to see a woman’s worth independent of her ability to “give you pleasure” you are the one who is not “worthy” after all the way we view others is more often than not a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.


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