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It was my brother Daniel who initially taught me to draw strength from criticism.He showed me that sometimes beneath the “mean” things that people say there is a nugget of truth buried that may help ignite us to impact real and beneficial change. This reminds me of a story I read a few years ago about President Abraham Lincoln and his most vocal critic Stephen Douglas.
It was rumored that when Abraham Lincoln was finally elected president he chose Douglas as his secretary of state because through honest and open debate and discourse the two “political rivals” developed a mutual respect that super seceded their political differences.  This is the kind of open- mindedness I desire to achieve in my lifetime. The ability to make a point or draw a conclusion without making an enemy. I draw great strength from my critics because they point out my weaknesses and in turn are instrumental in helping me shape and achieve my goals. An honest heart does not fear honest critique on the contrary we embrace it.


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