Rape Victim In India Required To Undergo Ancient ‘Purity Test’


This entire story infuriates me.Rape victims should not have to prove their “purity” to anyone! Rape is a disgusting despicable crime and those who engage in it are the ones who should be publicly shamed and ostracised! What kind of “man” overpowers a woman in order to have sex with her? Is there a shortage of free and available women in India? Are men so insecure and threatened by a females sexuality that they feel the need to “put her in her place” if the gender of the victim was changed and it was a man that was raped would they put him through this amount of ridicule? When will the insanity that is victim blaming end? Look at the attire this woman is draped in? Do they honestly believe she did something to provoke this attack? Give me a break .What about the 70 year old nun? Was her vow of chastity somehow an “affront ” to them? Or did they have a problem with the idea that her way of “owning her own sexuality” was remaining abstinent? What could she have possibly done to make herself “tainted”? Oh that’s right she was a woman and therefore men aren’t ” responsible” for the actions she “provokes” in them.This entire story has left a completely bitter taste in my mouth. OK now I am even more angry because while reading this some idiot asked “are we assuming that this woman was actually raped just because she accused a guy of raping her we are automatically going to believe he is a rapist” .First off let’s get one thing clear: The majority of rapes in the United States in fact go unreported due to this prevailing attitude.For some reason it seems so much easier to minimize someone else’s pain by merely stating well perhaps it was a false accusation. In actuality the majority of women in the Us who are raped do not come forward because this societal stigma still exists.Think about it when a woman testifies in open court that she was “raped” she often faces cross examination by the defence.Usually such cross examination calls every sexual decision she has ever made into question in order to attack her credibility. She risks possibly losing everything her reputation her career her social standing the majority of victims alrea

dy feel dirty and ashamed why open

themselves up further to more public ridicule ? Furthermore this crime occurred in India not the united States. How likely do any of us really think that “false accusations” occur in a country where many women do not even walk outside without something covering their faces? There is no Violence against women act in that country .A woman who would falsely accuse a man of rape in such an environment where she has to put a huge rock or boulder on her head to “prove her purity” would have to be suicidal. It saddens me that we still live in a world where rape is even existent.It grieves me even more that victims are treated with more suspicion than the perpetrators. My hearts prayer for the women in India and the women worldwide is that they never have to feel unsafe in their own homes.Unsafe to make their own decisions. As a wife I am eternally grateful to know that if I told my husband I had been raped he not only wouldn’t make me go through a “purity test” he’d probably want to kill the man that did it. Rant finished.


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