Stubborn faith and the world of Prosthetics

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My love/hate relationship with prosthetics began at the age of five. Its really not complex .I by definition am not an “amputee” so as a child I never exactly thought about my missing limb except when a classmate brought it up. Why would I? My mom had neither of her arms and honestly she did fine. However apparently my lack of limbs made some of the other students uncomfortable and my teachers believed that it was preventing me from fully engaging socially.So I was forced to don’ a large heavy prosthetic all day at school. I had to wear a sweaty sock underneath it.I was forced to try and grasp a pair of scissors as part of my “physical therapy” for said prostheses.Forget the fact that I already had another hand that I could easily grasp scissors with.While I am not a fan of the old fashioned heavy prosthetic limbs I have been pleased to see the industry  is growing in leaps and bounds .Although unfortunately (for me) most of the advances being made are now in the field of lower limb or leg prosthetics which is awesome because hey I have two friends who both had to have legs amputated due to diabetes. When I was pregnant with my oldest son my casemanager had me looking into getting another prostheses. To be honest I hadn’t thought much about it because the last prosthetic I had gotten was during college and I was less than impressed.I am going to be completely honest here : Since I was born missing a limb I can do more without a prosthetic device than I can with one.The prosthetician who made my last device and I actually had an interesting conversation about this .He said 90%of individuals with congenital birth defects reject their prostheses. The reason for this is there is a huge gap between what we would like our prostheses to do vs what it actually does. Some of the newer models are in fact quite advanced the fingers move and individuals have even learned to play the piano or the guitar using them. I remember however looking at the prices and teasing Linda (my mother in law) saying these things cost an arm and a leg! And that’s no good because that is what you are trying to get! On a more serious note.I was finally glad when I eventually got to take off that thing at the end of every school day.I was in fact when we moved away and I got to start at Ballico-Cressey Elementary in second grade. Not only did my teachers not “make ” me wear a prostheses but the other kids seemed to think it was “cool” that the “one armed kid” liked to climb the monkey bars and play twister just like everyone else. I thought it was hilarious when my doctor kept talking about “advances” in the field of prosthetics and how they might “benefit my baby” I laughed I told him my son has both arms(this was before my first ultrasound BTW) I was correct on January 21st 2010 my first born son was born Nicholas Andrew Casey and he will not be requiring any prosthetic devices nor will his sister and baby brother. I just wanted to share this with you because you see while I was pregnant I prayed some very specific prayers about my children their mental and physical health and I knew no matter what anyone told Mr that Nick would be born with ten fingers and ten toes.That is my testimony of “stubborn faith”. I am also believing these things for some of my loved ones right now including my cousin Richie who just found out that he will be undergoing chemotherapy again .He had been recently cleared so the news was kind of a ” shock “for us.Do not despair however I still believe that God has healed or is healing you through all of this .So many more who have needs in their bodies and in their minds.There is a scripture that says ” may you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers “.God I ask you today that you surround all of those in need with your healing touch and that you bring health healing and deliverance.our life here is but a vapor but we know that you care for us so we cast our worries our fears and our cares at your feet knowing that is the safest place for them to be.


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