Prayer: oxygen for the soul

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Reminded me of the often repeated verse 1 Corinthians 5:17 If any man be in Christ he is a new Creation,old things have passed away behold all has become new.This passage has become many Christians go to verse when they may feel haunted by their past or are even trying to break free from a particular habit.Common wisdom tells us to “live in the moment” but for the believer striving for the upward call of God and persevering until the end for the sake of obtaining the crown of righteousness prevents us from making excuses to remain stagnant. The bible says that we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds.The book of Lamentations also says that his mercies are new every morning. The Hebrews ate fresh manna every day in the wilderness on their way to the promised land. Indeed we believers in Christ are to seek fresh perspective from heaven on a daily basis “give us this day our daily bread”. God walked with Adam in the cool of the day.God talked to Moses face to face ” as a man would his friend ” God  reasoned with Abraham in the same manner. What do each of these champions of faith have in common? Prayer.The direct access to the throne room. It has often been said that prayer is the life blood or heart beat of the believer. It is our spiritual oxygen. I will be the first to admitt that I have not always led a consistent prayer life. I however have never been under the delusion that it is possible to have a successful spiritual life without the solid foundation of an active prayer life.As believers our primary objective is to live a life pleasing to God .Such an endeavor is not in fact possible without touching the heartbeat of God.Bible study is vital of course but without prayer bible study is just like reading an instruction manual. It is only by way of a continual active prayer life that we are empowered to live by the word rather than just listen to it.It is through direct comm

unication with God that the word of God is transformed into “rivers of living water” within us. I will admitt that I was somewhat disheartened when

I recently attended a prayer meeting and not only where there not many attendees there wasn’t much praying taking place. If this is what the American church looks like Nationwide we are in a state of spiritual emergency as I see it.1 Thessalonians 5:17 Instructs us to “pray without ceasing”, now this does not mean we are to pray 24/7 without ever combing our hair ,brushing our teeth or doing our chores.It does however mean that prayer is always supposed to be at the center of our day to day activities. Prayer is the primary aspect of what a real relationship with God is supposed to look like because prayer is communicating with God and noone can have a successful relationship with out communication.
As someone who has always felt a strong burden for the call of intercession I have seen lives transformed through prayer in so many ways throughout my walk with God.I have seen marriages saved,Salvation taken place and people delivered from the bondage of addiction or the shackles of hate.We must remember that our struggles are not against flesh and blood but against spirits aga

inst principalities against the rulers of darkness in the heavenly realms. Prayer is where things are birthed in the spirit in the life of every believer. When the spirit was poured out upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost it was after they met in the upper room for prayer.When Jesus began his ministry followed by miracles signs and wonders it was after his forty days in the wilderness fasting and praying. It was only through this type of ” spiritual incumbence” that he possessed the power to resist temptation by quoting scripture rather than engaging in meaningless debate with the devil.I however unfortunately believe that many of us believers have gotten things somewhat twisted here.When others challenge our faith it is not our duty to necessarily engage in “apologetics” but to merely pray,seek the face of God for wisdom and love them as Jesus would. Even if they may be expressing hostility toward the things of God,let us not forget that the Apostle Paul the first Christian Missionary was once the most staunch persecutor of the first Century Church.He had a direct encounter with God on the road to Damascus and was literally blinded by the light of the gospel. Do we really believe there wasn’t someone in Antioch praying “Lord please save Saul of Tarsus?” .I would be willing to wager that whomever asked for such a miracle probably was astounded at how quickly and how precisely God came through on that one! As a lifelong believer I am very grieved in my spirit when I notice that the prayer lives of the collective body of Christ have been weakened through the direct inactivity in our individual walks with the Lord, I feel compelled to pray for revival, that is for God to breathe new life into our spiritual persons and I know spiritually and practically that revival cannot and will not take place without prayer,So I want to close today with a sincere heartfelt prayer for every believer and for the entire body of Christ: Heavenly father I thank you for the privilege of coming before the throne and for the fact that you delight in our prayers especially when we choose to pray according to your will and not from our own selfish desires.I ask Lord that you put forth in every heart an overwhelming desire to seek your face and your wisdom in all things.I ask Lord that you strengthen every individual heart that has grown weary during these times and I pray that you also strengthen the body of Christ to pray together and seek your face as a unit.Lord you are our life and apart from you we can do nothing but in and through you we can do all things. I pray that you give each and every heart a desire to seek and restore those who are lost or suffering. I pray that you give us the words and the wisdom to minister to the downtrodden. I pray that you empower us to be your ambassadors in this place and in this time and that you help us to lead lives of genuine and authentic faith always seeking your glory rather than our own.In Jesus name I pray God bless America again .


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