What does it mean to be a woman?


No two individuals are going to answer this question with the same life philosophy or ideology. Since I was young enough to remember I always saw myself as the typical “girly girl” .I loved to play dress up and try on high heels (auntie’s and grandma’s though lol my mom was the quintessential tomboy) I was determined to learn how to paint my own nails and fix my own makeup despite the fact that I was born missing a limb.This aspect of my body being less than ideal was what originally attracted me to “feminist theory”. The idea that a woman is so much more than an amazing figure or a pretty face is what comforted me during those moments as an awkward wayward teen when I found myself in tears due to some of the unkind things that my fellow women chose to say to me.Like the time a girl ” friend” insinuated that boys would not be interested in me due to my deformity. I remember being filled with anger because my mother had no hands but was very socially active and had many male friends as well as boyfriends throughout her lifetime. It was my mother more than anyone who influenced my ideas about exactly what the concept of “womanhood” entails. My mom didn’t wear makeup but honestly didn’t need it because most everyone she knew thought of her as a “natural beauty” mom also wasn’t fond of dresses .she may have not always been considered “stylish” but she was perfect to me in her imperfections. She didn’t obsess over her skin or her hair yet there was always a glow about her.Even until she had reached the age of almost fifty there was always a sense of “childlike wonder” within her that can be best described as “captivating”.
<!my mother however was far from my only picture of " womanhood " my grandma was much like my mom in the aspect that she never wore dresses but she was always very prim and ladylike. She rose up Every morning at five am to make breakfast for herself and my grandfather. She also was meticulous with her makeup and always smelled like lipstick and perfume.She was my ideal for what a woman who chooses to be a "homemaker" is like.She was also very easy to talk to and cinfide in and I gained a lot of wisdom from her advice. She was beautiful in a very timeless way in fact even though she was close to a decade older than my grandfather people always assumed that she was younger because she took such excellent care of her skin that she actually did look younger(my best beauty tips I got from her before ever seeing them in magazines) Then there was my Auntie perhaps the most influential woman in my life as much as I admired my mom and grandma I identified more with Katrina or Kat as I call her.Kat was a hard working woman. She worked at several different mini wage jobs throughout my childhood just to make ends meet. A cashier at Circle K,a waitress at several different restaurants, and finally she eventually trained to become a CNA. Geriatrics was the field that she worked in and she even brought me as a volunteer to her work a few times in Highschool to help me earn my community credit points for graduation.Katrina was fun.We used to just hang out and talk like school girls our "thing" was that we both had developed an addiction to the television series"Buffy:the vampire slayer. (Laugh as you must but I will always love that show) we loved Buffy because she was beautiful as well as strong and that is what I love about feminist theory a woman can be both.While I honestly don't ascribe to the theory that women are required to be physically attractive I also do not believe in making a woman feel guilty if she waxes her legs or enjoys lipstick and high heels.To me that is the beauty of being your own woman, Continue reading “What does it mean to be a woman?”