Does the Bible condone Human sacrifice?

I was not actually expecting to post a blog today. I was inspired by a conversation with someone that I felt was misguided that used the biblical narrative of the testing of Abraham’s faith to claim that God commands people to “sacrifice their children” while I could see where someone might draw such a conclusion that was in fact not at all what this somewhat frightening Sunday School lesson was ever meant to convey.I must admit while reading this tale again certain aspects of the scripture just leaped out at me from on the page.Abraham’s faith was resolute.He did not waver or hesitate to do EXACTLY as God commanded.I have to admit that if such a huge gesture was asked of me I would not have felt confident in actively carrying it out.To me this will be my first in a series called Radical faith.To believe in God is to believe in the impossible it is to trust in a power that is beyond human comprehension.As one apologist once affirmed “A God who is small enough for my mind would not prove big enough for my needs.


As a child I always found the biblical narrative of the ritual binding of Isaac on Mt Moriah to be quite perplexing.To be honest the idea that God would ask Abraham to sacrifice his only son as a demonstration of his faith never really sat well with me.While I relished in other biblical narratives such as David and Goliath or Daniel in the Lions den the idea of a God who is personified as” love”(1,John 4:8) condoning or even asking for human sacrifice went strictly against everything that I had been brought up to believe. But as I chose to delve deeper into that particular passage of scripture I have found something very revealing regarding the true nature of God and something extraordinary in the kind of faith possessed by Abraham, a man who throughout the pages of history has become known as the father of many nations. True to…

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